The MS Diagnosis

At my first neurologist appointment she reviewed my brain MRI while I sat in her office. You would think it might have been looked over prior to my appointment. She then tested my physical capabilities, strength, sight and sensory. When all was done, she said “It’s MS”. I was a little shell shocked, like anyone would be, but I felt the MS diagnosis was jumping the gun.

The little research I did prior to this appointment suggests a MS diagnosis in only considered when someone has lesions in more than one area: brain, spine(s), and the optic nerve, at different points in time. So how could I be diagnoses with MS based on this single onset of lesions?

I understand that I am far from her only patient, but MS is such a complicated and sporadic disease, that no two people are alike. She simply saw lesions and physically symptoms like any alleged MS patient.

I needed to more tests before a conclusive diagnosis could be confirmed. A MRI of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine and the routine “spinal tap” or “lumbar puncture”. The MRI is on Decemeber 26th and the tap is on January 4th, 2013. This all sounds like a good time.

I was also scheduled for a 5 day course of Methyl-Prednisolone IV steroids for December 17th. She said the steroids should return me to 2 weeks ago.


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