Thus Far

At this point in time, there is one thing I am positive about… I was tested for Lyme and 2 bands came back. If there was small to no chance I had Lyme, nothing would have showed up, but something did.

I know I have active lesions and active symptoms that all point to a MS diagnosis, but I am still not convinced I have MS! This is not a denial thing, it is a common sense thing. All the research that I have done thus far points to MS being misdiagnosed all the time, especially when it’s Lyme. If Lyme cause my MS symptoms, then it is safe to say that I have Lyme induced MS. If I can nip the Lyme, the MS part can heal over time and not progress.

With all that said, why can’t doctors worldwide agree that something causes MS. It doesn’t just show up uninvited out of the blue. There is something stirring at the cellular level and causes an active infection and inflammation. Throw in some demyelination and you have yourself a full blown MS party.


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