Still No MS Drugs

At this neurologist appointment, I was basically scolded at for not being on a DMD MS drug. The neurologist emphasized the importance of early treatment, but I am still on the edge of use with those types of drugs.

I think to myself… if others were misdiagnosed with MS and it really is Lyme and they did better on drugs, why am I not taking them?

Then back to reality… both diseases are so sporadic that one drug works for one and no drugs work for others. How can that be?

I left the office with a prescription for Copaxone. This is the only MS drug that you can take Minocycline with and doesn’t deplete your immune system. The neuro questioned me several times if I really wanted it because I told her the same thing with me prescription for Rebif, and never took it. She said I had to be sure because “it’s a lot of work to submit for a prescription”! Really!!! A lot of work?

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