Steroids – Round 3

Another sweet round of Methyl-Prednisolone, but this time for 3 days and at my home. My neurologist wanted me to take these steroids in preparation of the 9 new lesions on my last brain MRI. I knew I would get all the side effects from them: heartburn, insomnia, metallic taste in mouth, and feel worse. Hopefully the next few weeks will fly by and it will quickly flush from my system.

The neurologist asked if I was experiencing any symptoms and I told her that I have had the same symptoms since this whole thing began. She began to tell me how important an MS drug is at this point and that 9 new lesions is “a lot”. I replied with “at least you could count the number this time, since last MRI came back as numerous”. I am not sure she liked that response one bit.


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