Blood Sent To Igenex

Per the LLMD at my first appointment, I was requested to get an Igenex kit and have my blood sent to them for confirmation. I already had a kit previously sent to me, so today I had my PCP draw, label and spin it. I then drove 30 minutes to the nearest FedEx office to send it off using 2 Day delivery. Apparently mom/pop shipping services are not allowed to send specimens or fluids through their service. So now I play the waiting game, but from what I have read, 2 to 3 weeks for the results is standard protocol, even though the Igenex paperwork states that the requesting doctor should receive the results within 7 – 10 days.

My LLMD only suggested I get the WB IGG and WB IGM and forget about any co-infection testing at this point. I am not sure of the reasoning exactly, but I assume that whatever treatment I receive will take care of any co-infections I should have.

Igenex is the recommended lyme testing company since they test more than 1 strain of lyme, whereas the CDC only tests your blood against 1 single strain.

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