IGeneX Results Confirm Lyme Disease

I went to my LLMD appointment yesterday to officially get my Igenex results and see which treatment path I should take. Below are photos of the Igenex results. Compare them to my LabCorp test from June 2013 (3 months ago) and you will notice how inaccurate LabCorp testing really is.

Igenex IGG Results

Igenex IGM Results

He was very suggestive that I also have Bartonella and also that I have had Lyme for a few years based the +++ after bands 31 and 41.

My protocol for the next 6 weeks will consist of Zithromax and Rifampin antibiotics, a probiotic, Cat’s Claw and Herbavital (mixture of natural Lyme fighting herbs).

It feels good to know that I am in fact Lyme positive after taking health risks for the last year and pursuing Lyme rather than MS. As I said before, I classified myself as having Lyme Induced MS, but I feel if I can rid the Lyme, then MS does not exist. It’s a shame that some MS patients out there might have Lyme like statistics suggest, but go untreated for their underlying cause. And those people were most likely told they were Lyme negative over the phone like myself, but my paperwork said different. If you are one of those people who were tested for Lyme before another diagnosis, I suggest you either request your physical paper results, or get tested through Igenex.

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