Although Minocycline is used to treat teenage girls with acne, it is also a powerful antibiotic that can pass through the BBB (blood brain barrier).

If you have read My Story you will know that I was originally diagnosed with MS, but chose to follow the Lyme route. After the MS diagnosis, I began heavy research into the causes, treatments, and cures. One thing that kept coming up was Minocycline.

I have just read several personal blogs over the last few weeks and these people have went from severe and debilitating stages to almost full recoveries with the use of Minocycline alone. To me this means that autoimmune disorders are caused by an infection, bacteria, or virus. EBV and Lyme to name a few.

So MS patients are being treated with antibiotics and not DMDs and are doing better. DMDs only treat the disease, they do not fix the symptoms. So why would an antibiotic help with an autoimmune disorder and why are doctors not looking more into this? I would have to say it comes down to money. The cheapest DMD is around 53k a year, but antibiotics are pennies on the dollar.

I know at some point I will be on Minocycline during my Lyme Protocol.

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