Lyme First, Autoimmune Second

Every time I read an article or communicate with a person battling an autoimmune disease, there is always one thing in common, a Lyme test. They all have said they were tested for Lyme during their first set of symptoms and I am no exception. I was tested twice before being diagnosed with MS.

So the going standard seems to be, test for Lyme first and if that comes back CDC negative, diagnose the patient with an autoimmune disease. Are there no doctors that actually look into the cause? Even PCP and General doctors seem to know enough about the existence of Lyme and jump at the simple, inexpensive test as a first step approach. And when that cheap, “inaccurate” test comes back negative, the patient instantly has a more complicated situation.

I urge people with RA, MS, ALS, and Fibromyalgia to get tested for Lyme through Igenex standards no matter how many months or years they have been experiencing symptoms.

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