Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) & MS

Through more research, it appears MS patients have LOW levels of certain items like Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and also have HIGH levels of EBV. So I had myself tested for these particular items and my results were the same as statistics. Low Copper, low Magnesium, low Zinc, low Iron, and EBV was higher than the average person. It’s odd that I never displayed or experienced symptoms of EBV and therefore I was never treated for Mononucleosis.

My elevated levels prove the research that I have done to be correct. Several well known doctors believe EBV alone can cause MS like symptoms. A team of scientists studied a group of MS patients and noticed when these patients were in a “relapse” state, their EBV antibodies are greatly elevated. So in my mind and obviously the scientists’, EBV was reactivating within their bodies which caused a “relapse”. Could EBV have been dormant in my body? Sure. I could have caught something else which reactivated the EBV as well. For instance, my sons both came down with Coxsackie (hand foot mouth disease) about a month prior to my first symptom. The introduction of a new virus could have disrupted the entire system and put the wheels in motion.

4 thoughts on “Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) & MS

  1. Same thing happened with me in the past few months. IGeneX positive with 4 +, 1 ++, and 1 IND. The LLMD I then went to, through their lab’s lyme test I am CDC neg. This LLMD said I am negative, because IGeneX over test positive when really negative. I’m one of those negative that tested positive. They kept offering me Celexa, stating if I take that all my symptoms would go away. I have her statement on tape. I have no interest in taking something that could more than likely add to my health issues.Also, I am not depressed.

    My symptoms are through the roof, have been for years, new issues occuring often, and all getting progressively worse. I know I am in chronic lyme stage. I am forced to try and heal using herbals/natural protocols. This is mass Tuskegee type experiments on the people world wide. Scarry.

    • So your LLMD gave you an Igenex test which you tested positive for and she said Igenex “over tests” making you negative for Lyme? Lyme is a clinical diagnosis with bloodwork to ONLY back it up. I had a neuro try to push me not only on MS drugs, but only anti-depressants. Refused both, so good for as well!!!

      Have you tried LDN? I believe it has been the one true thing that has helped me!

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