MS or Lyme?

I get that question a lot and I believe it is because people do not understand what MS actually is. MS (a disease that is characterized by loss of myelin (demyelinization)). Also, there are multiple scars (lesions) on multiple areas (optic nerve, brain, cervical and thoracic spines) that occur over multiple periods of times. MS is diagnosed through a series of tests (sensory, strength, MRIs, spinal tap), not blood serum.

So I was diagnosed with MS according to having multiple scars on multiple areas, but not over multiple times since I only had one single “flareup”. I was diagnosed within 3 weeks of my first onset of symptoms, which doesn’t follow suite of the standard diagnosing protocol.

With that said, I believe MS (according to what I just defined it as) is caused by a disease, virus, or bacteria. High EBV levels are found in almost all MS patients, but Lyme is also detected in many MS patients also. Both are foreign invaders which will disrupt the immune system and how it chooses to fight and because both are considered non threatening, they aren’t looked at as a possibly cause of an autoimmune.

Was I misdiagnosed with MS? Not according to my stats referenced above, but I do believe I was diagnosed prematurely without any doctor looking further into it, but most doctors don’t look further into it. Doctors even admit they don’t much about MS and what causes the inflammation.

It’s odd that both MS and Lyme can be treated with LDN and Minocycline (antibiotic). As I said in another post, why would doctors use an antibiotic to treat a disease which makes the immune system attack itself? Most likely because the immune system is being attacked by something that can be treated using antibiotics.

Because I have both diagnoses at this point, I have taken the LDN and antibiotics route. It’s almost a win-win in treatment because of the 2 similar diseases.

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