Quick Health & Treatment Update

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since my last update. So… here is just a quick little update on my current health and treatment protocol.

For my health, few symptoms remain and they are very sporadic. I contribute them to what I consume (to much coffee effects me and sweets, even though I rarely eat any sugar) and also what I physically do (heat still effects me, it’s one PITA symptom). 

For my treatment, I am currently only taking the prescription medicine Minocycline and LDN. If you’ve read through this site, you will know that Minocycline and LDN are used by some doctors to treat MS. So I am still technically treating both “diseases”. My LLMD is impressed with my progress, so we both agreed to remove the antibiotics Rifampin and Azithromycin from my protocol. 

Since December 2016 I’ve been doing the Fasting Mimmicking Diet (FMD) for 4 straight days every month. I consume no more than 700 calories each day and only eat those calories within an 8 hour window. After a few months on this I found myself eating a lot less on the off days. It’s tough to tell how much it’s helping at this point, but the science behind it is pretty concrete, so check it out for yourself.

I have also added 2 more “pills” (sweet, I know) to the mix. One is the probiotic VSL #3 and the other is the supplement R-Lipoic Acid (stabilized & bio-enhanced). VSL #3 is a higher potency probiotic compared to OTC probiotics and “R-lipoic acid (RLA) is the only form that functions as a co-factor for mitochondrial enzymes involved in energy production”. More information can be found here.

I still believe D3 and a B-Complex vitamin are essential, sickness or not. Staying hydrated is key, but it’s tough to accomplish that just by drinking water. People think filtered water is better for you, but think about it… most minerals are filtered out. I drink water enhanced with electrolytes, coconut water, and sometimes Gatorade. The electrolytes make a huge difference for me.

I am still researching new advances and testing different supplements and methods on myself. Almost everything I read comes down to fasting (to promote the cell life cycle) and to NEVER EAT SUGAR. Anyone up for those challenges? 

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