My Timeline

12/06/12 MRI Brain Numerous Lesions
12/11/12 Neurologist Appointment Diagnosed with Remit/Relapse Multiple Sclerosis
12/17/12 IV Methyl-Prednisolone Steroids 5 Days
01/03/13 MRI Spine Numerous Lesions
01/04/13 Spinal Tap  0-5 O-bands, BBB still intact
01/21/13 Neurologist Appointment
01/28/13 IV Methyl-Prednisolone Steroids 3 Days
02/01/13 Started Supplements ALA, B12, D3, Inosine, NAC, Omega 3, Resveratrol
02/07/13 Doxycycline Requested from PCP – 21 Days
03/14/13 Start LDN 1.5mg
03/21/13 Start LDN 3mg
04/10/13 Neurologist Appointment
06/11/13 LabCorp Lyme Results CDC Negative (bands 23/41)
06/28/13 Neurologist Appointment
07/17/13 Start LDN 4.5mg
07/30/13 MRI Brain/Cervical
07/30/13 Eye Specialist Nothing Wrong, Given All Clear
08/01/13 MRI Thoracic Spine
08/06/13 MRI Results 8-10 new lesions
08/08/13 IV Methyl-Prednisolone Steroids 3 Days
09/06/13 LLMD
09/10/13 Igenex Blood Sent
09/27/13 Igenex Results Lyme Positive For 6 Bands
10/09/13 LLMD Discuss Results & Treatment Options
10/12/13 Start Azithromycin & Rifampin Antibiotics For Lyme & Bartonella
11/25/13 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
01/27/14 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
01/29/14 Eye Specialist Possible Retrobulbar Optic Neuritis
02/01/14 IV Methyl-Prednisolone Steroids 3 Days
02/27/14 MRI Brain/Cervical
03/03/14 MRI Results 1 New Lesion & Some Lesions Improved
03/18/14 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
04/03/14 Start Minocycline 100mg Daily
04/19/14 Start Minocycline 100mg Daily 2x
05/14/14 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
07/14/14 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
09/15/14 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
11/17/14 LLMD Myer’s Protocol
01/19/15 LLMD  Check Up Visit (no Myer’s Protocol)
02/01/15 Stopped Rifampin Use
03/23/15 LLMD  Check Up Visit (no Myer’s Protocol)

2 thoughts on “My Timeline

    • I apologize for the extremely delayed response, I was never notified of your comment. I checked out your blog and we had/have very similar symptoms. There was no contact information on your site, so please contact me. Thanks!

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