Supplements & Vitamins

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
– recommended daily dosage is 1200mg
– antioxidant produced by body
– found in every cell
– helps turn glucose into energy
– been shown to restore intracellular glutathione
– promotes integrity of blood-brain barrier

B12 Sublingal

D3 – 10,000 UI

– recommended daily dosage is 2g
– increases uric acid
– shown to decrease and fade lesions
– inhibits CNS inflammation
– body builders use 4-6g daily

K2 MK7:
– recommended daily dosage is 200mcg
– also known as Natto
– helps move D3 around the body

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC):
– recommended daily dosage is 1200mg
– free form amino acid
– reduces levels of homocysteine

Omega 3:
– recommended daily dosage is 1000mg

– recommended daily dosage is 1g
– inhibits the survival of EBV
– found in the skin of red grapes
– use with Curcumin
– acts as blood thinner

– recommended daily dosage is 800mg
– anti-inflammatory spice

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