Brain Lesions Healing

My last MRI was back in July 2013, so I figured it was time to see if anything has changed. I just received the results and I have 1 new lesion on the brain and my C-Spine remained the same. The single lesion is a good sign considering the following:

12/12 – numerous lesions
07/13 – 9 new lesions
02/14 – 1 new lesion

In May 2013 I started LDN and October 2013 I started antibiotics for Lyme treatment. So I went from “numerous” lesions in the beginning, to 1 single lesion 14 months later. On top of that, some lesions have “improved” and some are “undetectable”. So the good news really isn’t the 1 new lesion, but the fact that it is only 1 new lesion and the better news is that some lesions are healing.

I have only read about lesions healing over long periods of time, so I assume that something is working to my advantage. I am not sure what is actually helping the lesions at this point, it could be LDN, supplements, antibiotics, or the MCT diet even though I don’t strictly adhere to it much.

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